AboutPage-Aleks Susidko

Aleksandra Susidko

Certified Hypnotherapist and Compassion Key Practitioner

About Knot Undone Therapy

Knot Undone carries two powerful messages to start with.


  • You are not undone which emphasizes we are all born perfect, pure and open the way we are, no exceptions. You are not undone, you are whole and complete. You are enough, you always were and you always will be.


  • A knot undone which explains the nature of all the issues that bother us. During life, we get tangled and as a result of what we are going through we acquire certain beliefs that then turn into habits some of which are not positive or beneficial. These ‘bad’ habits can always be untied. You can overcome whatever it is you are struggling with. You are tangled, but definitely not broken.

About Aleks


Hi, my name is Aleksandra Susidko and I am passionate about helping my clients connect to their inner mind. I always had this great fascination about beliefs, emotions and their resulting effect on our lives. I am genuinely interested in people’s life stories and their well-being. If you feel like you are stuck in any specific area of your life or in life in general it might be a time for you to take a chance and go deeper. Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) can offer a deeper understanding of the issue and help you to deal with the cause of this blockage or disconnection so it does not have to affect you anymore.

Come, undo your knot with me and be happier, lighter and empowered.