How It Works

You, me, us. Together we can make a change. I am ready, are you?

The first step in learning more about Knot Undone Therapy, is to BOOK A DISCOVERY CALL  (about 15min) so we can:

  • answer your questions about the session;
  • understand how your issue is impacting your life today;
  • check what have you tried to do to overcome your issue;
  • explain how we can help you with the issue, and most importantly:
  • discuss how we can help you to achieve what you want.

This call is free of charge.

If you find yourself committed and wanting the change, you COMPLETE INTAKE FORM, that will help us to:

  • invite you to take a moment to check in with yourself and where you stand;
  • assess what are the areas of your life you struggle with or require change in;
  • confirm which issue you prioritize as the most important issue you wish to work on;
  • prepare additional supporting information and practical tips for you, and most importantly:
  • highlight what it is that you really want to achieve.

You BOOK YOUR RAPID TRANSFORMATION THERAPY SESSION (about 2h). Sessions can take place online via zoom or face to face (depending on your and mine location). During the session we will:

  • focus all the attention on you and narrow it to your issue;
  • work effortlessly with your inner mind so you can gain the understanding of why and how you acquired certain belief;
  • heal the root of the issue, so the symptom/ the issue becomes irrelevant
  • transform your belief for a permanent change;
  • empower you to choose the change.

You LISTEN TO YOUR PERSONAL RECORDING (about 15min long) that I made for you during our session for 21days. Listening to the audio is essential as it will:

  • clearly instruct your inner mind on what is that you want to so it will always support you;
  • wire in the new belief straight away from the day one for rapid change;
  • make it easy for your inner mind, by using the repetition, to absorb the new information to ensure the long term change;
  • make the desired change familiar;
  • empower you to get what you want.

Your First Step: Book your Free Discovery Call

Let’s talk so i can answer your questions about the session and most importantly, how RTT can help you to achieve what you want in life. Just click on a convenient date below and choose a time for your Free Discovery Call.