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Are you ready to take off?

In the blog photo and also here: @knotundonetherapy, you can see me pretending to slowly take off with the balloons. Obviously, this isn’t actually possible but it does not stop my body from believing my own suggestions and getting into the position and laughing, thinking about the scene from ‘Up there” when the whole house is taking off. It surely felt good.

Control is always yours.

I believe there is a big misconception about suggestibility. After delivering hypnotherapy sessions to clients, I can also tell that it has a bad reputation and is perceived as a weakness. Hence it is sometimes met with resistance.

I get it. And (even if it is extremely helpful, efficient, and permanent) I will not be praising the use of suggestibility in the Rapid Transformational Therapy I practice.

Today I would like to invite you to start giving yourself beneficial suggestions and harness the power of your own suggestibility. You are going to be doing this on your own, so there is no room for mistrust, fear of deception, manipulation, or any other valid or less valid excuses. It is simply about you and whatever it is that you want to change. (On a side note – the RTT practitioner/hypnotherapist’s job is not to tell you what is right or wrong for you. The job is to facilitate the change you desire.)

Feed yourself with aligned suggestions!

The mind thinks with exciting words and pictures and what you focus on you get more of, so if your wish is to finally give up smoking or eat healthier, worry less, and stop your flying anxiety so you can really enjoy traveling, it is your main job to feed yourself with suggestions that are aligned with your goal. Contrary to popular belief, the power does not lie in a suggestion itself but in your reaction to it. We do things because of how they make us feel and we are programmed to seek immediate comfort and pleasure and avoid pain or danger. So, the aim here will be to consciously decide what is in fact good for us and then make that better option our default, automatic, subconscious pattern.

If you feel strongly about cigarettes, chocolate, or junk food as something that brings you comfort, pleasure, relaxation, tastes great, and is equal to a good time then it is going to be extremely difficult (if not impossible) to stop. If instead, you focus on healthier alternatives as a source of comfort or pleasure and you will start seeing smoking or overindulging with food for what it really is and what it does to your body it will not be so appealing anymore.

The same rules apply to the fear of flying. If you think of a plane as a flying coffin, you are telling your body that it is in danger, so you start to feel as if you are in danger. If instead, you see the plane as a vehicle that will quickly, comfortably transport you to your dream destination or to someone you love dearly then you change the way you feel about it. You are free to decide which suggestion is more beneficial to your well-being.

The floor is lava. Or is it really?

I don’t know if you are familiar with that game. Maybe you can even recall playing it as a kid and
remember your strong efforts to not step on the floor as if it would really be hot lava (and the screams, shrieks, and laughs that accompanied the game). Fed with those suggestions your body was doing its best to win the game, even if it was all just pretending, we avoided the floor at all costs (perhaps including broken items – I’m sorry Granma!).

You can apply this mechanism to absolutely any area in your life you want to improve. Just choose exciting, pleasant suggestions and stick to them. If your goal is to workout regularly, find the type of movement you genuinely like (that’s my take on it, but you can opt for the type of workout that brings you the desired results, it’s up to you) and focus your thinking on the exciting side of it, on benefits of it, on anything related to it that makes you feel good, whatever it is. Examples: “This is so much fun!”, “It’s so nice to be outside”, “It feels good”, “This is my time”, “I love my workout clothes”, “I am taking care of my health”. And avoid giving way to any statements that will move you away from it. Examples: “I don’t feel like it”, “I do not have time”, and “This is so hard”., “How boring”.

Do it with me.

Think of something that, in theory, you would like to do but it just seems too much or impossible to execute. Do you have it? I will do it with you.

Your example: It can be really anything that you want like quitting smoking, learning a language, cleaning the wardrobe, taking that dream trip, or starting saving for it…
My example: Organizing and marketing the workshop about the mind and eating habits (I already have the presentation ready and I called it “Weight loss starts in the mind”).

Ok, now find three statements and three suggestions that are stopping you from doing it.

Negative suggestions: “I am not ready for it yet”, ‘It’s too much hassle”, “What if I fail?”

How does it make you feel? I can tell you that it makes me want to delete that file with the presentation and just hide under the covers…

Now, let’s apply suggestions that make this thing suddenly appealing: “It will help so many people as it helped me!”, “It will be so much fun to connect and get to meet new faces”, and “I was always dreaming about talking publicly about something I am passionate about!”

How do your beneficial suggestions make you feel? I can say that I am already picturing myself in a room delivering my speech and I feel joy and excitement.

Are you ready to take off? If you wish to take a shortcut and use my assistance in achieving your desired change you can book your free discovery, call here. We can talk about how Rapid Transformational Therapy sessions can help you improve your well-being.

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