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Mind diet.

It’s really not the present you versus the you that you aspire to be.

I am sure you know exactly how you would like to look; how would you like to feel in that bikini or in those jeans and how would you like to rock that amazing dress at your friend’s wedding.

I am convinced you know precisely at which weight you would feel your best, even if you have never really achieved that dream-weight or said goodbye to it when the kids were born.

So, what is stopping you from becoming that version of yourself? What creates that annoying and sometimes even painful gap between the present you and the you that you want to be?

I am happy to inform you that the only thing that separates you from looking and feeling your best is your mind. Once you take care of your mind then the body will automatically follow.

Striving for zero is a must. And I do not mean calories.

How about not allowing ANY mean, self-critical or harsh thoughts about yourself? How about treating and talking to yourself as you would to your best friend? And if you revert back to those bad old habits of hating and putting yourself down again, just imagine saying those things to another woman in public. How awful would that make you so why would you do it to yourself? Even if you try to disguise your comments with humour, would you really want to say them to another woman’s face?

“Wow, that’s your coat? It’s so big you could use it as a tent for an unexpected camping trip” or “you’re so big you could use your old t-shirts as napkins now” Does not sound so funny anymore, does it? Sounds rather cruel.

We care for people and things we love, value and respect. If we do not value, respect and love ourselves what will stop us from treating ourselves and our bodies poorly? And what will make us want to take great care of our body and eating habits?

Once and for all. No yo-yo effect.

If you think that in order to become lighter, healthier, slimmer or fitter you have to tackle whatever you are doing wrong such as sugar and chocolate addiction, overeating and irregular eating habits or comfort eating then think again.

Those habits are just symptoms and what’s more, in most cases trying to overcome them without knowing why we created them in the first place will simply not work or will feel like a never-ending battle. For example: if comfort eating is your thing and you do it because you are stressed at work then quitting it without addressing your stress issues would make you even more agitated and miserable. Would you tell your stressed best friend to stop moaning and pull herself together? Or would you instead want to comfort and help her think of a solution for her stress problem?

Addressing the underlying issue and installing new positive beliefs is the key to resolving issues once and for all and will put you on the right path to becoming that healthier, happier, fitter version of yourself.

What if I tell you that you can transform the way you look at food and program your mind to look for better and healthy options for you without feeling deprived or restricted? Eating intuitively is within your reach now.

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