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Changing your mind and the beauty of it.

Common everyday phrases.

Have you ever thought about the use of the expression “I just changed my mind”?  Well I did. It occurs quite often and can be used to express such trivial changes like explaining why at the end you go with another outfit or plans for the weekend. It can be even used when you decide to go different about a holiday destination or your new car colour. It seems validating enough, isn’t it? How about things more serious, things that were your opinion or beliefs for years? Is it ok to use it for it too?

Play with it.

Imagine you try to eat healthier and work out. If it’s not your thing, worse, if it was never really your thing, you might find it really challenging. You might find yourself in the middle of a struggle and start wondering how others can do it so easily. You might come up with statements like “I cannot”, “This is too hard” or “It’s impossible for me”. You might feel like you are in the middle of a fight with yourself and start wondering how some other people can do it so easily. 

How about applying “I just changed my mind” to it. “I just changed my mind, eating healthy and working out is my thing now”. It is neat and clear and gives you a direct direction into which you want to go now.

Find your why.

What happens if it’s not that easy? If it’s not enough to stick to it even if you would love to? I believe that we have the power to change our minds about absolutely everything we want to. However, if you experience a huge blockage, if you feel stuck, it is necessary to investigate. If you want to become healthier and slimmer but you simply cannot, it shows that you really have to look for the reasons why that you are giving yourself. What kind of narration do you have in your mind? Are you happy and excited about your choice? Are you impatien to become that better version of yourself? Or perhaps you keep feeling like this is not going to happen, like it’s a nightmare, it is unpleasant and it requires an enormous amount of dedication, commitment and self-deprivation?

Your mind always listens.

During the Rapid Transformation Therapy course, which was an extraordinary time for me, I learnt that our mind always listens. It is in our power to instruct it to our liking. Why would you be excited about working out and eating healthy if you tell yourself you absolutely hate gym and lettuce is meant for the rabbits? Do you think anyone would be so keen to do things if they were told that it’s going to be dreadful or boring?

How about you go different about it? How about taking time to find a workout that suits you and perhaps stop calling it a workout so it does not have any negative implications anymore? How about coming up with healthy meals and making them taste up to your liking? How about actually noticing what is happening to your body each time you are choosing better for it?

Enjoy the process.

Think about the example of a healthy routine I used. People who are regularly exercising and opting for a food that is truly beneficial for their bodies are doing it because they have decided it’s good for them and they look at it as something nice. They are finding joy in it. They learn how it affects them and they wouldn’t trade it for anything else. These are the factors that make them continue what they are doing and even if they fall out of their routines, sometimes for months or years, that feeling they had when they were doing it well will remind their minds of the value of it and make them go back to it.

One step at a time.

The good news is that this journey starts every moment. In the healthy eating and exercising routine it would be making a better choice at every meal time, taking a better choice about your spare time by choosing to be more active. It reminds me of the quote by M.L. King ” You do not have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step”. I would like to extend it to “just take the first step and continue taking the following steps, better healthier choices will lead you towards where you want to be. At the same time keeping in mind (“keeping in mind” is another expression I love to explore) that every moment can be a new start, a new choice and can be determined by what you want no matter what. 

Rapid Transformational Therapy

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